School Reviews

December 2016 – Berkeley West Primary School

Life Education is a most valued program at Berkeley West Public School. The funding subsidy we have received at our school over the past few years promotes maximum attendance and ensures the students who are likely to benefit the most are able to access one of the most engaging series of learning experiences (K-6) available to them. High quality teaching resources made available to teachers as part of the program complement a comprehensive health and personal development program for our students.

Andrew Attard

December 2016 – Cringila Primary School

The Life Education program is invaluable at Cringila PS, the sponsorship ensures all students from our disadvantaged community are able to enjoy the program and hear it’s healthy message. The students love going to the van and meeting Harold and many of their parents can remember going themselves when they were at school. They benefit from learning about their bodies and healthy lifestyle choices. Many of our families would struggle to pay for the program so this sponsorship ensures the most needy students are targeted. Thank you

Lorna Kaer

16th December 2016 – Albion Park Rail Primary School

Dear Michael

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for your continued sponsorship of the Life Education Program at Albion Park Rail Public School.

Without your support the student body of Albion Park Rail Public School would not be able to access this very valuable program because of financial aspects.

With your support the students receive a fantastic, high quality, engaging program covering many aspects of healthy living choices not necessarily open to them in their home settings.

The students and staff look forward with excited anticipation to the program each year as it addresses many elements of the PDHPE curriculum content in a fun, hands on, interactive manner, encouraging further discussion and exploration during class time.

Thank you again for your continuing support, it is very much appreciated

Yours Sincerely,

Fiona Flannery

3rd May 2016 – Figtree Primary School

Dear Dendrobium Community Engagement Program

We were extremely fortunate this Year to offer all 308 students at Figtree Public School the opportunity to attend a life education lesson in the Healthy Harold – Life Education Van. The topics ranged from cyber bullying, healthy food choices to units on drug and alcohol issues. The staff, students and parents of Figtree Public School are extremely grateful for the donation and send a big “thank you” to the Program coordinators.

Yours sincerely

Richard Lloyd       

18th February 2016 – Unanderra Public School

On behalf of the Unanderra Public School Community can I take this opportunity to thank you for engaging our students in such an interactive and informative manner during your recent visit with the Life Education Van. A visit from Harold is a highlight for every student at our school and the manner in which you are able to engage and inform our students in regard to the very important issues relating to general health and wellbeing, drugs, cyber safety etc is outstanding.

A big thank you also to Dendrobium. Without their sponsorship a significant number of students at our school would not be able to access the program. Their input as well as your passion and dedication continue to combine to provide our students with the opportunity each year to learn from one of the best at no cost (and maybe even get to kiss a giraffe too)!

Looking forward to seeing you again next year.

Kind regards

Gavin Hoy

10th November 2015 – Hayes Park Public School

The Life Education program is an extremely useful and relevant program for K-6. The presenters are knowledgeable and adjust their teaching techniques according to the students’ ages and abilities. Discussion and questioning is encouraged. The unique resources in the van are used to explain the Life Education messages in an interesting and fun manner. The students enjoy learning in the van and the content is later reinforced with the use of workbooks in the classroom.

I would confidently recommend the Life Education program from K-6 (including special ability classes).

Janet Bruce

31st October 2015 – Primbee Public School

To whom it may concern,

As the principal of a very small school in a low socioeconomic area, I would like to express my thanks for providing the Life Education Van and its wonderful resources at no cost to all our children.

Important information is provided in an engaging manner to all our children who often do not get this message at home. Children are given the opportunity to think through some really significant issues with appropriate support for their different ages and circumstances.

It is wonderful as a principal to be able to provide quality support in a key area that is hassle free because there are not notes and no money to collect.

We greatly appreciate the generosity of the people who provide this for us!

Yours sincerely

Dorothy Cass

Primbee P.S.

20th October 2015 – Figtree Public School

Dear Illawarra Coal 

On behalf of the Figtree Public School Community, I would like to thank you for your generous sponsorship of the Life Education Van. This sponsorship has allowed each and every student from our school to attend the vitally important health lessons delivered by highly skilled, personable and student focused educator Jacqui, and of course, she was ably assisted by her right hand giraffe Harold. 

The quality of this program can be measured by the before and after session responses. Teachers have reported a high degree of positive feedback from the lessons and students have talked with confidence about the concepts discussed. Our students gained a great deal out of the visit and were extremely grateful

We look forward to Harold’s visit in 2016.

Yours sincerely 

Richard Lloyd

Relieving Principal

12th September 2015 – Fairy Meadow Demonstration School

There is always much excitement around our school when the Life Education Van arrives. It’s a magnet for the 10 days that it stays in our grounds. The smaller children hover hoping to catch a glance of Healthy Harold and the older students know that a fun session is in the offing. Teachers know that an important part of the school syllabus will be taught by skilled educators and that they will receive workbooks and lesson plans for the classroom that build upon Harold’s visit.

Life Education provides drug and health education that centres upon giving children the skills to make safe and healthy choices. Our children find the sessions highly motivating and exciting. The educators are experts in engaging the children so that the important message is told to all.

Healthy Harold is always warmly welcomed by children, parents and teachers of our school.

Mrs Pauline Bull


11th September 2015 – Barrack Heights Public School

I am writing to thank you for the generous donation made to our school by Wollongong University in support of the Life Education Van visits. Our whole school participated in these excellent lessons during the last two weeks.

Barrack Heights Public School is one of the most disadvantaged schools in the Shellharbour area. A large proportion of our families are unemployed or single parents who have experienced trauma and are challenged by a lack of organisation, finances, education and social skill. This directly impacts on the students attending our school, who often arrive ill equipped for the school day and often ask if they can stay behind, well beyond the 3pm home time bell.

Our school’s vision includes partnering with community groups who can assist us in giving these children a fair chance to equally access the educational opportunities of their peers. To do this, we need to extend our educational responsibilities and provide a safe, secure and engaging environment for these children to come each day.

I am proud to lead the staff and students at Barrack Heights Public School. Our shared understanding is that our school exists to promote families, teachers and students working together to create a high quality, multifaceted community resource. Our school is a safe place to work and learn, where teachers care about educating the whole child, and students are encouraged to participate to the best of their individual ability.

Once again, on behalf of these children and our school community – thank you!

Kind regards,

Sarah Rudling


 5th August 2015 – Pleasant Heights Public School

Each year the Illawarra Life Education van visits Pleasant Heights Public School. Students and indeed staff are always excited when they see the van parked in our school car park!

Students gain so much from the very entertaining and professional educators who teach the students about how to live healthy lifestyles free from drugs, the misuse of medications and alcohol, the healthier types of food to eat and all about cyber safety.

It is amazing the enjoyment that the students get from these lessons. The highlight, however is definitely when cheeky Harold pops out to visit. Students right from Kindergarten through to Year 6 get such a buzz from seeing Harold, with the older children enjoying the new “Selfies with Harold” initiative.

The workbooks provided after the visit to the Life Education van allow teachers to follow up on the lessons taught by Harold and the educators.

Pleasant Heights Public School is also lucky enough to have the Healthy Harold mascot visit our special Gold Assemblies occasionally and help recognise student achievement.

The visit by Harold and the Life Education Van is certainly a highlight of the PHPS Calendar.

Kind regards,

Mrs Lynette Nicholls